Dr. Luuk van Breda

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Specialist Skills

  • Business performance improvementLuuk van Breda1
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Organisational and capability assessment skills
  • Well-developed communication & presentation skills
  • Development and delivery of training programmes in educational institutions and commercial organisations.

Career Highlights

  • 35+ years developing expertise and experience managing various ADB, World Bank and other international projects.
  • Developing and implementing projects with budgets from US$5m to US$350m across all 5 continents.

Background and Experience

  • Dr van Breda has managed a diverse range of projects in the educational, infrastructure, oil, manufacturing and agriculture sectors.
  • He brings experience and a deep understanding of business drivers and issues relating to a cross section of private and public sector operations.
  • Luuk is equipped with the right mix of leadership, organisational development and performance management skills to advise and help people and organisations achieve their goals.
  • He passionately believes businesses should make decisions by listening to their customers and understanding the economics of their products and services.