2 day WWBS 4-Pillar Programs

Skills4Life4These programs are interactive events, harnessing the value of general and/or specific organisational issues and designed to create thought processes that will define the skills and attributes needed by existing and new business and company leaders.

The programs comprise a variety of interactive sessions, each led by a highly experienced facilitator who, together with the participants, will identify the key topics to be discussed.

During the programs participants will break out into multiple groups, enabling participation by all in discussing and defining such essential development requirements such as:

  • What is the future for our organisation?
  • What skills and attributes are existing and future leaders going to need to survive and prosper?
  • What strategies and implementation are needed for developing future leaders?
  • Are the necessary Listening, Communication, Negotiation and Presentation skills and attributes in place to achieve this?

Thorough, post program follow-up is a key factor in all WWBS courses. This helps ensure that strategies initiated or developed during the interactive program have been implemented and/or whether other assistance may need to be considered for the organisation.

Key benefits of attending:

This is a unique opportunity to participate in the development of real-time interactive strategy and implementation that will define the skills and attributes needed by future business leaders in Asia.

Who should be part of these unique programs?

  • Business executives responsible for implementing leadership-related policies and processes.
  • Business leaders who require insight into the very latest thinking in Asia around the highly important human capital agenda.

From participating in the WWBS 4-Pillar programs, participants and teams will discover how to:

  • Articulate a clear picture of success to help their team work towards a common goal
  • Cultivate the agility to inspire confidence and turn setbacks into opportunities
  • Build their management team to compensate for weaknesses and play to strengths
  • Establish a culture to enable the organization to endure problems over time
  • Understand how to create an environment that inspires both radical and incremental innovation

All programs are based on enhancing and developing Listening, Communication, Negotiation and Presentation skills.

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